A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Challenge your friends on the playground in this high in vitamins version of the worldwide popular prison ball game. Each player controls a team of overtrained kids with unique superpowers. Train yourself against the insane computer AI.

Become the new king of the schoolyard.


Use keyboard or Xbox 360 controllers to play
  • You cannot control kids. They move by themselves.
  • Press "Up / Down" to aim and "A / Space" to throw. Hit your opponents to jail them and win.
  • Catch the ball by pressing "A / Space" when it gets close to one of your characters.
  • Be careful! If you press "A / Space" too soon to catch the ball, your characters will stumble.
  • A character catching the ball gains power. When his power meter is full, the character will use his "superpower".
  • If a character in jail catches the ball and hits an opponent, he gets free and go back to his team's side.



  • Improve ball acceleration.
  • Improve AI difficulties.
  • Fix some ball collisions.
  • Cursor on active player.
  • Menu can be controlled by all available players.
  • Shield superpower is now pink (bubble gum!).
  • And some others little tweaks...

You can still download the jam version (oujevipo-version) if you prefer!

This game was created in 10 days for "Oujevipo Contest #2 : Kids"

Theme and constraints : Kids (6-13 years old) // #7 Playground : the game is inspired by a traditional children's game

Game made by @kitty_factory team.

Published Sep 15, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorKitty Factory
GenreAction, Sports
Tags2D, Cute, kids, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, oujevipo4kids, school, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


dodgeschool-win-1.0.1.zip 16 MB
dodgeschool-mac-1.0.1.zip 17 MB
dodgeschool-linux-1.0.1.zip 29 MB
dodgeschool-oujevipo-version-win.zip 15 MB
dodgeschool-oujevipo-version-macosx.zip 17 MB
dodgeschool-oujevipo-version-linux.zip 27 MB


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I suck at this game.

(1 edit)

This game is great !

I gotta try it with another human player and with gamepads.

[EDIT] Doesn’t work with a Logitech F710 sadly :-/

You should consider making it Open Source (FLOSS actually).

Thanks For Your games! This Game So Good! I Like it, i hope u will add some tim.. Like Green etc :) ahhaha i'll review this game at my blog :) GallGames.Com . Can?

Sure you can!
Glad to see you enjoy the game. :)