A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Distorn is a dungeon crawler in which the main character is controlled simultaneously by up to four players. Head, feet and hands of our hero - an armor animated by a powerful artefact - behave separately but share the same goal.

Will you cooperate for your glory OR spread the chaos for your misery ?


This is actually the last demo of the game.

We need your feedbacks to know if there is a potential to create a bigger game with more environments, more enemies, more rooms, more items, more bosses more... EVERYTHING !

Don't be shy and contact us here : contact@kittyfactory.com

You can also use facebook or twitter (@kitty_factory)


demo-0.2.0: Improve Mouse/Keyboard controls

Next Steps

  • Random Dungeons
  • More rooms
  • More monsters
  • New collectibles

Xbox 360 controls


A : Dash

LT : Lock Feet

RT : Straffing


Y : Paralyze

Left Hand

X : Use/Attack

LB : Switch Weapon

Right Hand

B : Use/Attack

RB : Switch Weapon

Keyboard/Mouse controls

Move : WSAD

Move Head/Left Hand/Right Hand with mouse


Shift : Dash


Space : Paralyze

Left Hand

Mouse Left Click : Use/Attack

Q : Switch Weapon

Right Hand

Mouse Right Click : Use/Attack

E : Switch Weapon


distorn-win-demo-0.2.0.zip 16 MB
distorn-mac-demo-0.2.0.zip 19 MB